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Principal's Message

Brandon Cobb

Dear Families,

Welcome to Central Intermediate School. CIS is a high performing intermediate school, serving the fifth and sixth graders of Wadsworth City Schools.  Central Intermediate provides a perfect transition between elementary school and middle school.   We are excited to serve this unique age group each day.

The students of CIS come to school eager to learn, excited to make new friends and ready to respond to the high expectations of our staff.   At CIS, the students begin to experience the privileges and responsibilities of increased independence.  They develop new friendships, and their peer group becomes increasingly more important to them during these developmental years.  Students at this age begin to see value in leadership, and look for opportunities to lead in positive ways.  

The faculty and staff at Central Intermediate are dedicated to providing a strong academic environment for our students, while creating a safe, nurturing learning environment for them. The faculty meets regularly, teaming and collaborating about instructional practices and strategies. Together, they help students grow and learn while in our building. 

The faculty and staff at Central Intermediate believe that parents and family members play a critical role in helping the students achieve success while they are here.  Our staff works to provide good communication with weekly newsletters and webpage updates. We have established an email list to communicate upcoming events. Teachers encourage parents to communicate concerns, partnering to ensure that students have a positive experience at CIS.

We hope that you find our building to be a warm and inviting place to learn.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have questions or concerns.  


Mr. Cobb
Principal, Central Intermediate